Today I woke up and nothing of you was here.
I hardly remember your eyes… were your eyes questions?
Were they scared shields? Were they dogs, tears or smiles?
I hardly remember your mouth… was your mouth a moon’s corner, beautiful, like smiling,
or a makeshift room where to hide a love?
And your hair… was it rain of rum, good only for a dry summer, your black hair?
…but do you miss me a little?


What does it means “bidé”, Ddaniel?


I love every square inch of your body,
and it’s hard to get rid of emotions when you are not repaid.


I asked for a present. They promised me a wonderful one. So uncertain! I didn’t forget it!
After a very long time they gave me a sister. Who knows?! Honestly I would have preferred a nice toy!
- Her name is Chiara - they told me
- And what do I need her for? - I asked
- You will play with her! – they answered
Today I played with Chiara! I played the doctor! The surgeon precisely! I had fun!


He felt a jerk even before he touched the handle.
He knew that it was just his excitement to see over the door.


Sometimes it happens. I dream of a little child
with a hat of “scrupolo”.
This child usually looks at me
and I am anxious about it, I don’t want him next to me…
But last night, for me first time,
I was carryng him in my arms and I love him.
I was carryng in my arms and I caressed him
and his skin was smooth like the petal of a flower.
and we wandered in a empty museum.
Then the alarm rang
and I woke up…
But for the rest of the day I wondered missing my son (?).


Subject: from cloaaara.
Date: Fri, 19 Mar 2004 15:37:16+0100
dear Daniel, given that it seems that you can read
very long e-mails from that Cloaaaara,
and you can also bear endless and boring personal conversations
only because she stuffs you with flattery, I take advantage
of her name to see if it works. don’t force me to say you are good and charming
toh ave your attentino, I know you too much to lie so shamelessly.
then leave out civilities and go straight to the point…


I telegraph at daw. The water-heater mumbling:
“Take care. They will cacth you sooner or later”.
Things of the sort. Cachophonies of the morning.
I hope you will come to see me one of these days, miss.


He wished that moment would never end,
that it would be extended in time. Even today,
after many years, when the memory comes back,
he starts thinking that life after all,
is no so bad.


Words didn’t come out exactly
like he had thought. Nibbled, kneaded…
Thinking of it he even mistaken the conjugation of
some verbs. But on the whole, he was sure
that the meaning emerged clearly…
As well as the answer was clear.


If he doesn't think for a moment of nothing definite
(it happens frequently) immediately
came back to his mind the fatty dj's words
of the night before "Enjoy Madrid".
He has been walking for hours and is collecting his
remaining strength, which won't be
enough to carry on a conversation in his own language.